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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Reke

We are happy to announce the appointment of our colleague Michael Reke as professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. Over the last few years he has already held the lecture “Functional Safety for Automotive Systems”. In addition to his duties at VEMAC, he will now be even more involved in the education of young engineers at the FH Aachen. Not only will we benefit from his professional and personal growth, but also intensify the cooperation with the FH Aachen. This represents a big step for both Michael Reke and VEMAC towards a successful future, continuing the positive development of the last few years and improving the service for our customers.


Symposium for Combustion Control (15. - 16.06.2016 Aachen)


We would like to invite you to join us for this year's SCC (Homepage). A recommandation for anyone who wants to a have a say in future developments of the automotive industry or is simply interested in newest trends. Dr.-Ing. Michael Reke (CTO – VEMAC) will give a presentation about FPGA based control methods for solenoid and piezo injectors.


Inside an altitude test facility under extreme conditions

24.11.2015 - The company Raihklin Aircraft Engine Developement (RED), located in Adenau near the Nürburgring, is a centre for design, research and developement of high-performance engines. RED is specialized in high-precision engineering for aviation-, defense- and automotive applications. In the course of the development of the new RED A03 12-cylinder diesel engine for aviation applications RED was looking for a flexible  yet dedicated partner for the control of the turbochargers, including turbo-speed limitation,  control of  different kind of waste-gate actuators and the implementation of alternative control algorithms. Besides the common requirements that the aviation industry places on its suppliers, special requirements had to be met. As part of the development process, the whole system was tested in an altitude test facility of the Institute of Aircraft Propulsion Systems in Stuttgart, providing temperatures as low as -56 °C and an ambient pressure (absolute) of 120 mbar. Despite this environment being a huge challenge for all components, the test turned out to be a success.  The engine as well as the VEMAC control system  passed all tests with flying colours. 151124 RED hoehenpruefstand


ASM-Box article

The new issue (3/2013) of ATZelektronik presents a contribution to our engine control unit (ECU), which we developed together with the FEV. The ECU is able to manipulate values for actuators and sensors. These systems are becoming increasingly important for future OBD applications. This is the only way to realize tests and compliance with the exhaust emissions standards without manipulating the hardware (actuators, sensors). More information can be found in the corresponding article of the ATZelektronik. 


Test facilty for small-power engines with horizontal and vertical mounting option

Based on a client order we developed and realized a test facility to test and advance small-power engines (50ccm to 660ccm). Precisely, the extrem wide measurement range (1Nm up to 40Nm torque) places high demands on the measurement equipment. Furthermore, engines with horizontal and veritcal crankshaft should be used. We were able to fulfill all these requirements in form of a compact test bench, which was realized in "Time & Budget".


Diesel maintenance now available for piezo injectors

Continental is expanding its maintenance program for diesel engines. This program includes service for piezo injectors in common rail injection systems now. The maintenance will include testing of the injectors and the renewal of the injector nozzles. Until now, the Continental affiliate VDO offered only a diesel repair service covering the repair of common rail pumps. With high mileage, the high pressure in the cylinders and the changing fuel quality leads to malfunction in diesel engines. In modern diesel direct-injection systems the nozzles are one of the most heavily loaded components.

Source: "Continental"


Fairs 2012

This year in October VEMAC was represented with a booth at Aachen Kolloquium and VDI Baden-Baden Spezial. We want to thank all of our customers and visitors at these exhibitions for the positive response and for the interesting discussions. We would be very happy to welcome you also in 2013.


VEMAC as exhibitor at VDI Baden-Baden Special 10th and 11th of October 2012

At “Baden-Baden Spezial” you will find the electronic experts of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and universities. The affiliated trade exhibition gives you the chance to get in touch with our new products and we will have the opportunity to answer your questions within interesting conversations.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth no. 26. We are located next to our co-operation partner dSPACE. More information:  Baden-Baden 


VEMAC as exhibitor at AC-Kolloquium

The  Aachener Kolloquium The Aachen Colloquium has become the largest European congress in vehicle and engine technology. The interest in the automotive and supplier industries, meet annually in early October in Aachen, was also in this year of large numbers of participants. In 2010 we could welcome 1650 guests from 25 countries. VEMAC presented at this event its product portfolio and is looking forward to intensive negotiations.

This year you will find us at booth number 45.


Daimler are still using Piezo Injection

Mercedes-Benz will roll out a new facelift of the GLK in June 2012. The facelift will initially have the new Bluetec technology. This technology permits the newest EU6 emission standard for diesel engines. The petrol engine of the GLK 350 4Matic Blue Efficiency gets the technology of the V-engines. Daimler wants to set a course in this section. In the center of the BlueDirect Technology is the direct fuel injection with their spray form of combustion in their third generation including the Piezo Injection. Combined with the multi spark ignition the direct fuel injection will give more opportunities for optimizing the fuel consumption.

he GL family will grow in the future. Mercedes-AMG developed the high performance SUV GL63 AMG. The AMG eight-cylinder, abbreviation M157, comes with an engine displacement of 5461cm³. This engine is a novel high-tech packet with the spray form combustion and their direct fuel injection, Piezo Injection, Biturbo charger, air-water-intercooling, full aluminium crankcase, four valve technique with camshaft adjustment and a generator management with ECO start-stop-system. The market launch of the new Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG starts in November 2012.

Source: "ATZonline"


Continental builds new technology center for piezo injectors

Continental, producer of injector systems for twelve years in Limbach, now extends its technology center. The result is a new foundry for piezo injectors for common-rail diesel engines. At the beginning of 2012 the plant has produced 50 million piezo injectors and the next generation will go into series production in 2013. The production needs "tailor made" foundries. Developing these manufacturing technology is the main task of this technology center. Furthermore the technology center gives new impulses for production-sized design.

Source: "Continental"


VEMAC develops VeRa 3.0

Based on our proven, widely used VeRa we developed VeRa 3.0 Additionally to prototype-only appli-cations it is designed for small series and to bridge the gap between prototype and series. Due to its open architecture and flexible interfaces it offers the optimal base to meet today´s and future market requirements. VeRa 3.0 is the new technology leader in modern, flexible motor control units for prototypes and small series. Due to various configuration options VeRa 3.0 provides the perfect base for your automotive applications.

More detailled Informations coming soon. Available Q1/2012


AUTOSAR becomes standard

AUTOSAR is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers. It is a partnership of automotive OEMs, suppliers and tool vendors whose objective is to create and establish open standards for automotive E/E (Electrics/Electronics) architectures that will provide a basic infrastructure to assist with developing vehicular software, user interfaces and management for all application domains. This includes the standardization of basic systems functions, scalability to different vehicle and platform variants, transferability throughout the network, integration from multiple suppliers, maintainability throughout the entire product life-cycle and software updates and upgrades over the vehicle's lifetime as some of the key goals.


Small Engine Technology Conference in Japan

The 17th  Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC) at the Sapporo Convention Center from the 8th November - 10th November 2011. The conference is sponsored jointly by JSAE and SAE International, in collaboration with the Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association (LEMA) and Japan Boating Industry Association (JBIA) aligned. VEMAC reports on this exhibition on the latest developments of piezoelectric carburetors and the possibilities thus arise in the field of emission reduction. Please visit us at our booth during the conference.


Cooperation with DSpace

In cooperation with dSPACE we developed power stages for the model-based function development of piezo injection systems for test rig and in-vehicle use. The VEMAC PZAmp power stage is connected to dSPACE’s prototyping systems MicroAutoBox II and RapidPro to enable the flexible control of up to six piezo injectors.



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